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#REVIEW : Jack the Giant Slayer

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Assalamualaikum and salam power!!!
haaa..semangat tak?amik kau..haha...ingat power rangers ker?pun boleh uols..haha
okeh la..kali nie nk share movie review lagi dgn uols..sharing is caring la katakan..
kali nie cerita. JACK THE GIANT SLAYER...baru jer keluar 1 March hari tu and i'm sure that ramai lagi yg tak tgk kan?so nasihat guys better go!!!!kalau tak,sgtlah menyesal..hoho..mmg category blockbuster lah cerita nie..i'm so into fantasy...aduhai..kalaulah i blh dpt pengembaraan sebegitu..(i mean part yg diorg hiking naik itu pokok lah..i love hiking ler.sape tak nak hiking smpai ke atas langit tu kan..haha)

cut it short kisahnye..JACK THE GIANT SLAYER is  about a farm boy named Jack (Nicholas Hoult) who grows up hearing the legend of King Erik, who defeated giants of Gantua, a land between heaven and Earth. While at market to sell his uncle's horse and cart, Jack meets and defends the honor of Princess Isabelle (who's disguised as a commoner) and sells his horse to a desperate monk, who gives Jack a sack of beans and the promise of treasure if he keeps them safe. After Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) escapes the palace for an adventure and ends up at Jack's farm, one of the beans accidentally gets wet and shoots up Jack's farm and the princess along with it. The king (Ian McShane) dispatches his head guardian, Elmont (Ewan McGregor), to climb the stalk, and Jack, now smitten with Isabelle, volunteers to join the rescue. But their mission is thwarted by the king's counselor (and Isabelle's betrothed), Roderick (Stanley Tucci), who wants to use an ancient crown to rule the giants and the kingdom below it....erghh..jahatlah itu Roderick..what happen next???haa..uols kenalah cpt-cpt gi tgk sendiri ok...

And here a few scene...utk menarik perhatian uols lagi..hikhikhik...

antara scene yg sgt menguja hati i..jack and the rest baru sampai di atas which is giant world..
hohoh..di sebalik pokok-pokok yg besar itu..waah..feeling i pun ade kt situ sekejap..haha..
ni masa Giant dh dpt tgkp Elmont and nk masak dia..hoho..
hodoh sey Giant and pengotor btol..uweekk
di saat Giant dah dpt itu bean and nak turun ke dunia!!!suspen gile part ni and excited btol i tgk..ngee :D
Last but not least..tgk,Adam Corrie pun layan cite nie and dia pun ckp beeeeest bangat!!

haaa...dah ler skit-skit..nak tau kesudahannya..cpt le ke pawagam yer...seriously tak rugi...highly recommended gitu...cepat!!!happy watching uols..


bingkisan LyNn : Gunung Kinabalu still in my target..soon ok!!
                               nanti nak feeling-feeling panjat beanstalk gitu..haha



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