Tuesday, March 26, 2013

26.3.197? lahirlah seorang

Wrote by Lynn Easyanz at 2:21 AM
Ha!!hari nie birthday someone yang jauh di mata dekat di hati iols ok..hehe..actually jauh pun tak de la jgk..dekat je ok..haha..birthday my aunt,Tina..

Another year has passed in your life,making you even wiser and stronger.Let your age not age your spirits dear aunt..wishing you many joyous years ahead..

Warm thoughts,happy times and pleasant memories are so much a part of you my favourite aunt!
and because you mean so much,i wish you an especially

special dedication and give from me:-

taddaaaaa..chocolate cake !!yummie !!haha

with lots of love,your nephew si Lebaq a.k.a Ijan...ngeee :D

Wassalam :P

bingkisan LyNn : ramai jgk birthday org-org yg dekat di hatiku jatuh bulan nie..


Mohd Hakim said...

Selamat hari jari pada orangnya ..

Done follow blog

Lynn Easyanz said...

thanks encik Hakim ;)

pha is said...

26 ma...? wah, sama la dgn besday pha is.. hehehe

Lynn Easyanz said...

lah ye ker encik pha is?Happy belated bday ah gitu..hehe..


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