Friday, January 25, 2013


Wrote by Lynn Easyanz at 5:17 PM

Sedang i 'menerokai' one of my friend's facebook...i was hook to this pic and all the kata-kata so very true kan..bukan senang nak manage relationship nie..byk dugaan yang perlu di does take two to work on it together then insyaAllah the relationship gonna be ok..
To those out there..please..FIX IT ok..NOT THROW IT AWAY when there is something wrong in your relationship..we never appreciate what we have until it me.. so,APPRECIATE IT while still can..

mcm i pun,seriously ngaku mmg susah nak jaga ralationship nie..couple ke,tunang ke,kawen ke..masing-masing ada dugaan tersendiri..i pun gagal manage my previous-previous relationship....tunang pun putus i hope in future i will think twice if anything happen in my relationship and will try to fix it as i can..mengalah tak bererti kita kalah uols..ingat tu..;-)..yang paling penting dlm setiap hubungan is tolak ansur and sikap saling memahami..simple as that...

i love my Mama Abah..amin..
salam Jumaat dan selamat berhujung minggu uols !!




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