Sunday, July 15, 2012


Wrote by Lynn Easyanz at 10:05 PM

After few month looking for a new job..finally found it..yippie!!!so now I can truly say good bye to DELL...but..DELL always in my heart..working at DELL gonna be one of my best memory in my was easy,flexible,enjoy..I can say that almost no rules working at DELL...bos pun you much Chan Kok Wai and for sure gonna miss you...lots of memory during my time at DELL...however,it is enough for me then...since my target is want to be a 1 and half year working experience with DELL cukup suda utk valuekan diri I ke tempat lain...thank you Ya Allah...
So it is not about DELL any more..tomorrow my 1st day at new work place..ergghh feel??.. nervous, clique,new bos,new matter what it is..this is my ambition...wish me luck..hope everything going to be ok...
Anyway..Masterchef Celebrities.. congrats to Fazley and Angah..hihih...both pun I loike..




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