Saturday, December 01, 2012

Hye December

Wrote by Lynn Easyanz at 8:38 PM
pejam celik dh sampai penghujung kan...Its December uols..
And i'm starting my December with stamp hunting..*woot* woot*...
Actually last stamp week i pergi,they let me know that there will be another Stamp Exhibition on 1st and 2nd December at MBPJ,Petaling Jaya..but...kali nie reason i pergi bukanlah untuk menambah collection tapi menuntut janji..ahaks!
Ada limited edition of Lady D punya stamp i kenalah dapatkannyer..and alhamdulillah...dpt pun ngam-ngam tinggal satu jer and that uncle kept his promise to reserved one for me..thanks Uncle Abdulla..

hepy sangat dapat buku tu sebab it is unique and susah nk dapat..story about Lady D together with 50 stamps collection of her..yippie!!!i don't care how much it cost me..important is I'm owned it now....until we meet again on February next year to all stamp collector out there.
so that is how I've start my about uols?any interesting activities?apakah itu?




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