Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Women thing

Wrote by Lynn Easyanz at 5:03 PM
Sedang berblog walking tertarik dgn entry Hanis Zalikha kali nie..she talked about women things...thanks to her anyway..because i believe that a lot of women out there didn't take serious about that..about what ha?yeah..read THIS..

So i was thinking to share my favourite feminine wash also..
i love Sireh Emas..ever heard about that?it's already well known in market nowadays...
as we all know,there is a lots of benefits of daun Sireh (Betel) right?so this feminine wash made by daun Sireh.you should try it...

last i beli its only cost about RM19.00..current price i'm not sure but confirm harga naik lagi kot..hikhik..but its worth it ok...
selamat mencuba girls!!


bingkisan LyNn : jgn kedekut untuk kecantikan diri sendiri uols;-)



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