Tuesday, November 27, 2012

it was always RED

Wrote by Lynn Easyanz at 1:17 AM
Haa...uols baca tajuk entry kali nie?ada tgk di atas tu?ada?ada?haa..kali nie nk bercerita pasal one of my obsession..which is RED..haa..colour,warna..my favourite colour but sometimes become my obsession..kawan-kawan pun dh alert dh pasal hal nie..so all my friends takkan pelik bin hairanlah dgn my obsession nie..dh used to be dh..hehe..

so my favourite radio station pun mesti dh boleh agak kan.RED fm lah...haha..pastikan anda terus menyokong dan mendengar RED fm ,104.9 di lembah klang..(promote tetibe).. and..lately people love to eat cupcake.some of them make it as a business kan..untuk engagement,birthday,anniversary and what so ever lah..antara cupcake yang paling famous lately nie ialah RED velvet..haha..guess what?my favourite cupcake jugak lah and u know why..just don't ask..haha..i love baking..biskut raya,cream caramel,bread pudding,itu antara kepakaran i lah and i was thinking of doing RED velvet cupcake soon (so nk order boleh jer..ahaks!)..

but suddenly ade plak orang terdekat dengan i yg home made RED velvet cupcake nie!!see..syukur alhamdulillah..rezeki..baru niat dah dpt rasakan..hehe..and i can guaranteed uols that the taste was superb !ok..lets take a look :-
RED velvet cupcake 
close up,zoom in
after a bite (maybe more.ahaks!)
packaging pun cantek;-)
amacam?tertarik tak?tergoda tak?berminat?let me know if nak order ok..actually this is my sister's friend yang buat..named Amelia..erm..her mom actually..hehe..again,don't worry the taste is superb!

my sister,Ieffah while enjoy eating the RED velvet cupcake
so that it for this entry..until then..




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