Thursday, November 19, 2015

keep on trying and enjoy..

Wrote by Lynn Easyanz at 4:19 PM
Assalamualaikum tak jwb dosa..jwb i love uols!!
  Hari nie..19/11/2015..hari di nanti semakin dekat..esk dh mula cuti but holiday's mode start today..ahaks!
can't wait for our 1st trip ever..why i said 1st?because this is my 1st trip with new faces..ahaks!my workout everything gonna be fun and memorable.....
  Hari ni tak lunch since dh heavy breakfast pg td so mcm still full lg..but dh nama pun lunch hour kan..lets talk about fooood..yiiiiiiihaaa...lately i byk mencuba new food..which is Sushi..semua jenis sushi iols try..tak ketinggalan jgk..Dimsum ever tried dimsum?nyuuuuum..super like it!!some yg i dh lupa name pun ade but yg pasti HALAL la..hehe..
 ini pun legend..1st time try..since dh lama pencen sweet tooth and try to cut off all time fav..but since this is a loving it!!!mkn smpai tak puas and i want more puhleeess..
 yeaahh...ini somewhere kat Kuala Selangor..masa nie jln2 after hiking jogging dgn college mate..dh burn skali addup more than what we've burnt la beb..wahahahah..cendol durian,cendol jagung n keladi and utk org sakit just a normal cendol.
 ini kat IOI Putrajay jer uols..pun lupe name mmg niat tak nak bg tau pun..nant korg serbu..dah sesak iols nk gi..hahah
this one lunch dgn officemate..Thai mode on..heheh..somewhere in Taipan USJ jer

                    fav..this one pun lunch dgn officemate jgk..

hah gambar sushi tak de la nmpk sgt kena gi mkn lg sbb need to capture..wahahaha.but kt IG ade jer iols upload..soo do follow my entry untuk kali nie..enjoyzzz fans..adios....!!




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