Wednesday, July 31, 2013

IF i had one single wish

Wrote by Lynn Easyanz at 11:27 PM
Hye uols..hari ke-22 sudah kita umat Islam berpuasa yer..syukur,syukur..;)
So at this stage for sure smangat or mood nak raya dh mula berkobar-kobar kan,kan?
As for me..hari nie,31/07/2013 is my special day lah pulakk kan.. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ..:D

BUT..deep down inside my heart..i feel so empty..hurm..
knpkah?tak rasa mcm my special day pun..suram,sedih,marah pun ada..
if only..if only i had 1 single wish...i wish that i 'have' my family back..
nothing more,nothing less...

i want my Abah always in front of me just like before..
i want my Abg Besaq always there for me just like before..
i want my Twins always by my side just like before..
i want my Safwan in one roof with me just like before..
i want my Ieffah 24/7 with me just like before
can i?can i?puhleeeessss...:(

thanks to Mama and Aji that always with me..even Aji slalu ja jadi mangsa kemarahan i kan..but kakak love you soo much the only my Justin Bieber ok..ngeh,ngeh....

conclusion is..IF i had one single wish,i wish that my family back together just like before..
we seat and buka puasa all together then Maghrib all together and go for our teraweh all together..oh my:( i miss those time so badly...


p/s: speechless...blur



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